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Saint Patrick was a Welshman...10 interesting facts!

Here are 10 important facts around Saint Patrick's Day.
1.Q. Definition of an American? A. An Irishman that can swim!
According to the US Census, 32.6 million US residents claimed Irish ancestry in 2017. This is more than six times the population of Ireland (5.1 million).
2. The north fountain of the Whitehouse has been dyed green on St Patrick's Day since 2009.
3. The Chicago River was first dyed green in 1962, to the delight of the many Irish Chicagoans.  About 40 pounds of an environmentally friendly orange powder are dumped into the river which turns the water bright green.  The recipe is only known to a few leprechaun's.
4. Most people think that St Patrick was Irish, but historians now believe he was actually born in south Wales at Banwen, which makes the patron saint of Ireland a Welshman! St Patrick was born Maewyn Succat around 386 AD.
According to the Confession of Saint Patrick, at the age of sixteen he was captured by a group of Irish pirates. They took him to Ireland…
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"My voice is my password" - The uniqueness of voice recognition

Some 600 million people worldwide are forecast to be signed up to "voice recognition" (VR) by 2020.

The business benefit is that customers can be authenticated quickly, enabling organisations to deal with a greater number of calls and reduce fraud through identity theft. 
Although I'm from the pre-computers/baby boomer generation, I'm not completely a technological dinosaur! After a few technical teething issues were ironed out, I have recently become a convert to "voice recognition (VR)" security. 
Why have VR?
Companies say it makes accessing your account fast and easy – plus it reduces fraud.  
When was VR introduced?
It seems that Barclays Bank became one of the first major corporations to adopt voice recognition technology for its telephone banking customers (instead of standard pin codes) in August of 2016.
What is VR and how does it work? 
Also known as “voice biometrics,” it confirms your identity by analysing your voice’s unique characteristics.
Voice reco…

All that matters

Last year I watched the thanksgiving services of three 'Generals of the Christian faith' online, namely, Billy Graham, Dick Iverson and Rick Seaward. They all had a zeal and a heartfelt passion in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom. Like it says of King David, "they served their generation well by the will of God."
This morning I watched another thanksgiving service online. It was one of my favourite Bible teachers, a most prolific theologian called Kevin Conner*. He has written more than 60 books on various important topics many of which are available on Amazon.
I was only 19 when I went to study theology in Portland Bible College. It was worth every minute though. I worked as a church janitor in order to pay my way through college (1976-1979), in exchange for the rich Word deposit that I and many other students received from Brother Conner's teachings.
Not only did he have a wry sense of humour but he was also very approachable. As a foreign stud…

Man drawers, Nokia 3310's and other stuff to reminisce over

Well I had some time on my hands today and I started clearing up my man drawers. Oh yes , I have more than one – I have four man drawers! It’s a form of spring clean when nothing much gets thrown out, as I spend most of the time reminiscing, and wondering where and when did I gather such a load of old undervalued trinkets! Marie Kondo fans will balk at the thought of what I'm about to reveal. Bet MK fans don’t have two Nokia 3310’s in immaculate nick though?

Its nice to have a semblance of order though, but you can be modicum too fussy – it could even stress you if you let it. But not me. 

No, instead I have neatly filed my five unused wallets, sectioned my four empty spec cases. Bet you also don’t have a ‘cool melt wax gun’ for putting wax seals on letters-eh! 

I’ve counted three, yes three paper punches – does that make me materialistic I wonder?

Two unused sweat bands from a past life when I was fit. Then the leads – yes lots of leads and an ipod – remember those – probably pricele…

What I didn't know about drinking coffee.

Up until Christmas 2018 I was just an average run-of-the-mill regular coffee and tea drinking guy. With the gift of a coffee bean grinder from my three sons, I have become somewhat of a coffee connoisseur, reading all things coffee related.
Here are some interesting facts about my new fangled interest in coffee.
Firstly, did you know coffee is good for you? 
Here are seven reason why coffee may actually be one of the healthiest beverages in the world:
1. Coffee can make you smarter. The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine, the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world.
Caffeine works on the brain by blocking the effects of an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine.
Stay with me now, I don't want you glazing over on me.
This caffeine actually increases neuronal firing in the brain and helps the release of other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. Studies on the effects of caffeine on the brain demonstrates that caffeine can temporarily improv…


I woke up this morning feeling extremely thankful. The 'Green Book' movie that Mrs B. and I watched last night had a redemptive quality. It demonstrated the impact friends, colleagues and family have on influencing our choices and helping us being more appreciative. There is nothing more I love than a night out to watch a feel-good movie.
Half the world - over three billion people - live on less than $2.50 a day. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. 844 million people lack even a basic drinking water service. 1.1 billion people across the world still lack any electric supply. 900 million people globally live in slums lacking sanitation or adequate housing. This is set to rise to 1.6billion - a fifths of the world's population - will lack access to secure, adequate and affordable housing. These statistics makes me realise that my particular frustrations and gripes are often first world problems!
So what in the world am I thankful for?  Well, I started today…

Pay it forward on Valentine's Day

I was thinking this morning about- how our whole of life policy would have paid out a quarter of a million pounds on the death of either my wife or myself.
It's really not good to incentivise death like this!:)
With our sons all being happily married now, we decided to stop paying the ever increasing  premiums for this type of  life cover.
However, we do both have the ultimate in full cover. This is a no premiums life assurance, which we find really essential.
We had someone pay it forward for us.
Watch the "Pay it forward" movie trailer
It's always great to have what you can't pay for, paid for by someone who can afford it.
If you had life assurance with no premiums I'm sure you'd want to share it with friends and family too.
So, on this annual day of love feel free to send me your email address. I'll then send you details of how to apply for this free life assurance offer with full coverage and no premiums.
Hope you have…